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Sometimes is not all about getting a web-developer to help you develop your website. Search Engines play a crucial role as well. There is a lot that goes into website creation especially when the website is created using a CMS such as WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, and the rest.

One of the benefits of getting your website indexed by search engines is that indexing allows search engines to see all of your important pages and gives your site a major boost. It can even send you on your way to page one.

To see if your site has been indexed by search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc), enter the URL of your domain with “site:” before it, i.e., “”.

Here is the result you are expected to see…

How to Know If Your Site is Indexed by Search Engines | Swinotech

The results show all of your site’s pages that have been indexed, and the current Meta Tags saved in the search engine’s index. If none of your pages appear, it means that your site has not yet been indexed.

You can help search engines better crawl and categorize your site by submitting your sitemap directly to Google or submitting individual pages.

Once you have established that your site has been crawled and indexed, attaining a high ranking is the next big step and something that may take time and consistent effort even for the most experienced SEO experts.

How Website Indexing Works

To index your site, Google, Bing, Yahoo must be able to find it. In order to do this, they use little snippets of codes that they call “bots” or “spiders” to crawl your website and go through all of your pages.

While the bots are crawling your site, they collect bits of information that help them understand what your site is about. This is why SEO is so important if you want your site to rank.

Each factor that a bot picks up can be a ranking signal for Google, Yahoo, Bing, telling the search engine what information is available to web users.

Through these factors, Google decides where to index or rank your page. It can choose to index the page towards the top of page one for a search query or towards the bottom of the results, depending on how relevant the information is.

How to Achieve Website Indexing Faster

As you can probably tell, getting your site indexed is important; however, we cannot oversell the importance of website indexing for the success of your site.

Do not waste your own time worrying about how to index a site we will take care of that just contact us. Instead, focus on working with a full-service web marketing firm that can help you get your site ranking faster and more efficiently.

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